All Joy and No Fun /Jennifer Senior

Another New York Times bestseller, All Joy and No Fun explains the dilemma of modern parenting. That is, how raising children to be “happy” can become an exhausting, almost self-defeating task. Jennifer Senior, the author of the book, needed the site in a hurry. She was a week away from publication and head over heels with speaking engagements.Not wanting to waste any time, we designed a site that did three things: 1) promoted the book; 2) gave background on the author; and 3) contained an easy-to-use event calendar, so that she, her fans, and her press agents could keep track of her appearances. Using the bright colors from the book cover as a motif  helped break the monotony of this type-heavy site without descending into kiddie-land.


Top to bottom, left to right: Animated tour of the website, All Joy and No Fun homepage, about the book page, book mock-up.

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