David Gilmore

David Gilmore is one of the most talented and justly celebrated guitarists on the planet, whose curse is that his name is similar to Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, a man who, while not nearly as inventive, is far more famous, in no small part because he deigns to play in 4/4 time, which our David evades like the clutches of the Venus de Milo.

We were thrilled when David came to us and asked us to design the packaging for Numerology, an song cycle like a physicist’s dream, of the universe being born from pure numbers. It’s an astounding piece of work played by one of the best ensembles in jazz. We also created a new logo for his website, one for his music label, Evolutionary Music, and of course, the website itself.


Top to bottom, left to right: Animated tour of the website, the David Gilmore logo, the Evolutionary Music logo, a rejected logo which we love, sample pages from the site, the final package for Numerology and two rejected cover ideas that we liked so much we had to put somewhere.

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