The American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA) has operated for the last three decades as a brain trust, made up of the best minds in family therapy, both clinical practitioners and academics. To reach out to a new generation, AFTA asked us for a complete rebranding. We started with the “We are AFTA” concept, a tagline which, when read out loud, would make every sentence both a statement of fact and an aspiration, e.g., “We are AFTA (after) … creating a professional community of collegiality, collaboration, and mentorship.” We then reworked its mid-70s Helvetica-in-a-Bat-Signal logo to a elegant, modern mark, with the ligature between the “F” and the “T” signifying connection.

Finally, we developed the most technically complex website we’ve ever created, an interconnected system that included membership management, searchable customizable profile pages for every member and separate pages for every practicing therapist, a comprehensive publications database, and an events management system for the annual conference.


Top to bottom, left to right: Animated tour of the website, the new logo, the unlamented old logo, AFTA’s homepage, a sample profile page, and the brochure we did for the AFTA Conference before embarking on the brand transition.
AFTA Final Logo
AFTA Old Logo
AFTA Homepage
AFTA Profile Page
AFTA Brochure