Engage for Good

Engage for Good puts together businesses and nonprofits with the goal of teaching them work together better for worthy causes. This year’s conference was not only the organization’s fifteenth anniversary, but also the first event with its new name – the organization was formerly known as the Cause Marketing Forum. The idea of changing in order to do good put us in the mind of superheroes, so we created a comic-book themed brochure, replete with Kirby-esque hands, colorful explosions and our most action-packed tagline ever: “The Time for Change is … Now!!” Check out the half-tone dots on our illustration, True Believers!


Top to bottom, left to right: Detail of illustration, brochure cover, brochure inside cover, brochure interior
CMF Cover (detail)
CMF brochure cover
CMF brochure inside cover
CMF brochure interior