Half Life

Generally speaking, we use the editorial “we” when we describe projects, but sometimes that’s awkward. For instance, “Paul H.B. Shin’s Half Life is exactly the type of book our dads would love: an espionage novel about a North Korean nuclear scientist on a mission to the U.S., who is forced into a high-stakes chase after his wife and son disappear.” In this context, “our dads” sounds clumsy, right? Except our dads would love it. So would yours. So would every dad in America, most moms and for all we know, legal guardians of any gender throughout North Korea. We like the site, but can’t wait to read the book.


Top to bottom, left to right: Animated tour of the website, Half Life Homepage, Contact page, 3-D book mock up.
Half Life Homepage
Half Life Contact Page
Half Life Book Mock-up