Imago Relationships International Conference

Imago Relationships International is a globe-spanning nonprofit that focuses on teaching therapists Imago Relationship Therapy. Every year, IRI hosts a conference in a location where it has a strong regional affiliate.  Atlanta, its choice of venue for this year, presented a design challenge. Not that it isn’t interesting or picturesque, but it doesn’t have a distinctive skyline, and its association with therapy isn’t, well, obvious … and IRI didn’t have a big budget for original photography.

This called for some photo-illustration magic. Starting with a $20 piece of stock art, we masked, cropped, cloned and painted it into the delectable image you see on the cover.


Top to bottom, left to right: The brochure cover and sample spreads are below, along with the original stock art from Shutterstock.
Imago Brochure Cover
Sample Brochure Spread
Sample Brochure Spread
Original Stock Photo
Imago Brochure Cover (Denmark)
Imago Brochure Cover (New Mexico)
Imago Bag