Jane Monheit / Emerald City Records

Tired of being pigeonholed by her record company as the eternal ingenue, Grammy-nominated singer Jane Monheit decided to do something about it. She founded Emerald City Records to showcase her incredible range of talents without interference from an impersonal corporation. We designed the logo to look like both a spinning CD and/or a view through the cone of a tornado, combining Oz imagery with the transportive powers of music. We also were privileged to create the packaging for her (needless to say, incredible) flagship release, The Songbook Sessions: Ella Fitzergald, produced by the inimitable Nicholas Payton.


 Top to bottom, left to right: The Emerald City logo in color and glorious black and white, cover to the Songbook CD, sample spread from the booklet
Emerald City Logo
Emerald City Logo
Jane Monheit's CD Cover
Jane Monheit's Booklet sample page