Nicholas Payton and Paytone Records

Grammy-winning artist Nicholas Payton does not play jazz. He plays Black American Music (#BAM). We’ve been working with him since he launched his own record label, Paytone Records, for which we did the logo and designed the second album, Sketches of Spain. The design came together remarkably quickly, and we mean remarkably: Nick approved it on the first go, and as his manager says, “Nick never approves of anything on the first go.” We’ve now designed two other albums for him, Numbers and Letters, and we can’t wait to hear the next one.


Top to bottom, left to right: Paytone Records logo (formerly BMF Records), Logo variation, Sketches of Spain CD cover, Sketches Of Spain inner CD design, Sketches of Spain booklet, Letters CD cover, Letters Inner CD design, Letters booklet, Numbers CD cover, Numbers inner CD design, Numbers booklet.
Paytone Logo
Logo Variation
Nicholas Payton's CD Cover
Sketches of Spain Inner Design
Sketches of Spain Booklet
Nicholas Payton's CD Cover
Letters CD Inner Design
Letters Booklet
Nicholas Payton's CD Numbers Cover
Numbers CD Inner Design
Numbers Booklet