Pacific Street Townhouses

Boerum Hill’s newest brownstones brought to life by animation

The current site, which was launched soon after the units went on sale, is, like the houses, both classic and modern. The first version of the site, however, was … bolder. Lacking photos, the developers wanted to showcase the hand-drawn architectural renderings. The goal was to make to give the site the spirit of a Wes Anderson movie. We complied by creating a series of animations, one of which is shown below. We’re especially happy with how we highlighted to working garages, a huge luxury in this Brooklyn neighborhood. The design was a bold choice, but it worked: the site signed up hundreds to its mailing list before any of the townhouses were ready to show. The new site is better suited to purchasers, but the first one sure piqued interest.


Top to bottom, left to right: Animated tour of the website, the homepage, and an animation.
Pacific Street Townhouses Homepage