Press Shop

Press Shop PR is a boutique PR firm founded by Leah Paulos, a former national magazine editor, which combines the know-how of a big firm with the client service and dedication of a small shop. To push the point across, we designed a logo with a “gearwheel” made out of quotation marks to illustrate how Press Shop would get people taliking about its clients. Then we created a complementary set of icons for the homepage, each describing a focus of the firm, and chose a color scheme that was bright and friendly. The homepage scrolled down in a series of panels that contained just enough text to be read in a gulp – and each of which automatically stretched to the size of the screen to facilitate reading. We added in some fun little CSS animations to add a sense of interactivity and set it loose upon the world. We’re proud of this one. As every designer out there knows, it’s never easy to keep something this simple.


Top to bottom, left to right: Animated tour of the website, The Press Shop Logo, The Press Shop Icons, The Press Shop Homepage Layout.
Press Shop Logo
Press Shop Wheel
Press Shop homepage
Press Shop Icons